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    How can we reimagine urban infrastructure, governance, and the public realm?

    Recently the Forum for Urban Design invited civic leaders, developers and designers to propose bold visions for a more competitive, livable, and sustainable New York. The result was more than forty creative proposals to reimagine and rebuild urban infrastructure, reform government, and create an animated public realm. Among the proposals were new express connections to the region’s airports, a park capping the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, an extension of the Roosevelt Island Tram, new light rail for the Long Island City and Brooklyn waterfronts, the creation of the New York City Department of Food, re-skinned public housing, and reforms to ease the production of affordable housing. Pictured above are proposals on four formulas for sensible zoning (Mark Ginsberg), bicycle super-highways (Paul Steely White), floating islands in New York Bay (Mark Thomann), and 5,000 greenstreets (Nette Thompson). These proposals have been collected in a publication on Next New York – now available in PDF online and shortly in print form. Check out the range of interesting proposals for the future.

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  3. The concept of “City of The Future” 

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    Giant “Straddling” Bus Could Become Reality

    A giant moving tunnel, the Straddling Bus (3D Bus), caring with hundreds of people, could be coming down the road soon.

    The incredible Straddling Bus, that appeared three years ago, steps across two lanes with hollow lower part, so cars can pass through.

    Compared with Metro, it has lower cost, shorter construction period and almost same passenger capacity.

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  8. A day in the life of a bench by Max Degtyarev

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    Park by Swarm

    It is a modular system that empower persons to build an instant public park whenever and wherever they want to. The PARKCYCLE SWARM consists of a number of human powered mobile gardens. The individual gardens can be combined to form public parks. 

    Four small mobile parks are created to participate at the public arts festival in Baku, Azerbaijan.

    by N55 and Rebar

    The real ‘Park and Ride’

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